Hard Money Rehab Loans in Houston, TX

Basic Loan Program and Lending Parameters

Axe Lending Group provides short term, interest only loans for real estate investors to purchase primarily single family residences or other income producing properties. Conventional long-term mortgages are available through Integrity Mortgage.

Property Types

All types of income producing properties will be considered.

Loan Terms

Most loans will be 3, 6, or 12 months in length of term and extensions will be available, possibly up to 24 months. All loans will be interest only. Origination fees will be 2.0–5.0 %. There are no pre-payment penalties. The loan amount is a maximum of 70% loan to value (70% LTV). A mortgagee’s title policy must be purchased at closing. Axe Lending Group loans are first lien notes only.

Appraisal and Inspection

Axe Lending Group  appointed appraiser/inspector will inspect the property to determine marketable condition, AS-IS Value, and the After Repaired Value. The appraisal/inspection process will also document what repairs are needed to bring the property to a good, marketable condition.

Loan Funding

A portion of the loan amount, equal to the estimated cost to bring the property to a good and marketable condition, is held back by the lender as a “rehab reserve.” Rehab reserve funds are released to the borrower in draw payments as the work is completed and inspected. The balance of the loan amount is applied at closing toward the purchase price and other acquisition related costs as follows:

  • If the balance of the purchase price and closing cost is less than 70% of ARV less repairs, then no money will be needed to be brought to closing.
  • If the balance is less than your purchase price and other acquisition costs, you will need to bring funds to closing for the difference.


  • Interest Rate – 8.99–14.9 %
  • Origination –2.0–5.0 % ($2,500 Minimum)
  • Appraisal – Approximately $450.00 up front
  • Processing – $400.00
  • Draw Inspection – $170.00
  • Wire & Courier Fee – $90.00
  • Documents Prep Fee – $375.00–$420.00
  • Administration Fee – $250.00
  • Flood Cert & Credit – $40.00